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Aluminium Composite Panel – Reynobond

Reynobond® FR is a composite material consisting of two 0.5mm pre-coated aluminium sheets bonded onto both sides of a mineral FR or A2 core. Standard sheets for New Zealand are the FR Core. Colours of Reynobond and Reynodual are identical so both panels can be combined on the same projects depending on the required performance.

Bonding of the aluminium and core is achieved by both a chemical and mechanical action, which gives Reynobond® FR remarkable bond integrity.

An exceptionally flat, corrosion resistant panel, Reynobond® FR is easy to use, simple to fabricate and can be used to make many different forms with minimal investment.


  • Exceptionally Flat
  • Daringly Formidable
  • Distinctively Colourful
  • Surprisingly Light
  • Easily Integrated
  • Beautiful Accents
  • A Perfect Colour Match
  • Safe & Compliant


Size 1
2500mm x 1500mm

Size 2
3500mm x 1500mm

  • All sheets are standard 4mm depth.
  • Other sheet sizes available on request.
  • Available in widths of 1250mm, 1500mm and up to 2000mm.


Reynobond is available in a wide range of finishes from special effects to woodgrain, metals and minerals. There is an incredible opportunity for designers. Our standard finish is satin and our stock colours are shown below, on the left.

For the full range of colour and coating options please visit the downloads tab.


Download your PDF’s here