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Innowood Shiplap Cladding

INNOWOOD’s Shiplap Cladding System features an interlocking tongue and groove design to achieve concealed fixings while providing a conventional timber appearance with a warm, clean and durable finish. Consistently uniform shadow lines between the boards become architectural features when the boards are installed either horizontally or vertically.

INNOWOOD’s V Joint Shiplap Cladding system comes in 25 mm thick boards with ‘V’ shaped tongue and groove shadow line rebated joints. INNOWOOD V Joint Shiplap boards overlap one another, concealing the fixing and locking in the boards to give a clean finish with effective board coverages of 105mm, 165mm and 205mm. These profiles can be mixed and matched to achieve varying board widths, creating a unique architectural feature.

Current Stock Items:

Code Colours Width Thickness Length Cover Price/lm
WC13625 Spotted Gum, American Oak 136mm 25mm 5400mm 105mm $21.50
WC20025 Spotted Gum, American Oak, WR Cedar 200mm 25mm 5400mm 165mm $27.25
WC17533 Kiwi Black 175mm 33mm 5700mm 150mm $31.45

Prices Exclude GST and Freight.


INNOWOOD pre-finished product comes in your choice of either INNOVATIVE or PREMIUM Colour Ranges.
The main difference between our two ranges is in the texture. The Innovative Range has a brushed texture included in the extrusion process which creates a linear grain like texture whereas the Premium Range utilises the latest technology to imitate a natural wood grain structure.

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