SPS Building

Reynobond MattXtrem®

While this 4mm panel can be used for any cladding, lining or commercial application we believe its greatest potential is as soffit option. The MattXtrem® paint finish is in Reynobonds® proprietory Duraglos®s 5000 paint finish. That means its prefinshed with a paint system which will last well over 15 years. Light weight, easy to install and durable MattXtrem could well be the ultimate soffit alternative. Available Standard in Pure White but also deep black to order. High Mattness, Low Reflection!

Code Length Width Thickness Colour
Xtrem450Wht 2700mm 450mm 4mm  Pure White
Xtrem600Wht 2700mm 600mm 4mm Pure White
Xtrem750Wht 2700mm 750mm 4mm Pure White
Xtrem1200Wht 2700mm 1200mm 4mm Pure White



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