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Frontek Porcelain Panels

Its unique design ensures optimal fixing to any structure without any additional cuts or perforations that could impair their strength. Frontek rainscreen installation is quick and easy in sheer walls, stud walls or integrated into curtain walls.

Porcelain is one of the most used decorative materials both for indoors and outdoors projects. The range of colours and textures is virtually limitless. Our catalogue ranges from the traditional stone finishes to the latest European designs in colours and textures.

Frontek combines the advantages of extruded terracotta panels and pressed porcelain tiles. Our panels are rectified on all four sides and therefore offer levels accuracy and tolerance unattainable for other materials.

At the moment we can offer solutions for cladding into brick and concrete walls, stud walls, curtain walls, unitized systems and modular systems. We also cooperate with architects and facade consultants for developing customized solutions if required.

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