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Innowood Projects In NZ

Posted by Super Administrator on 11/12/2018 11:32:42

  Looking for inspiration for your upcoming projects?  Check out our Innowood Projects here.     Read more...

How is Innowood different to timber weatherboards?

Posted by Super Administrator on 29/09/2016 15:40:24

INNOWOOD board looks and feels like real timber without timber’s inherent shortcomings such as timber’s tendency to crack, warp, split or rot over time. INNOWOOD is also low maintenance, lightweight, and resistant to insects, water and fire. Unlike traditional... Read more...

How do I maintain Innowood Weatherboards?

Posted by Super Administrator on 29/09/2016 15:35:49

To maintain the finish and extend the life of your INNOWOOD board, regular simple maintenance is recommended. To protect the colour of your boards an INNOWOOD sealer should be applied following installation. A simple cleaning routine is important to keep your INNOWOOD... Read more...

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